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Merlin 820D2 Control Unit with Bis10 Phone 2Merlin Plus Communications System – Your Formula for Business Success

Productivity on the Rise

As your business grows, the Merlin Plus System keeps pace by expanding up to 8 lines and 20 extensions. Easy-to-use system features also keep employee productivity on the rise. For example, the 130-number System Speed Dial lets you call customers and suppliers in seconds without looking up their numbers. Remote Call Forwarding helps your customers reach you wherever you are, reducing “telephone tag”; Busy Buster redials busy numbers while you go on working, and Multi-Zone Paging makes employees easier to reach.

Other convenience features make your job easier every day. Telephones with Built-In Speakerphone/Hands-Free Answer on Intercom let you talk on the phone without interrupting your work. Conference brings you and four others together on the same call to solve problems. Exclusive Hold prevents co-workers from picking up a call that you put on hold. Personalized Ringing helps employees recognize when their phone is ringing in a shared office. Call Pickup lets you answer calls that ring at other extensions without leaving your desk.








Avaya Merlin BIS 10 Telephone

  • Merlin Bis10 Phone 110 buttons with indicators for line appearance, intercom, and programmable features
  • 3 fixed feature buttons include: message, speakerphone, and handsfree
  • Conference, drop, transfer, hold and recall
  • Hearing aid compatible