Momentum Communication Systems



Jim Schneider, QSSI Lighting & Electrical Products, Inc.

Over the past several decades working in technology services and management, I have experienced my fill of businesses that fail to deliver quality technical services. Like many businesses today, I have limited in-house technical resources. Our companies have seven locations in five states and I am most fortunate that I need make just one call to Momentum Communications Systems and they take care of the all of my telephone systems’ needs. I am most pleased with their services they have provided to our companies over the years. I highly recommend Momentum Communications.

Obaida Abdul-Rahim, University of Tampa

Momentum has always been responsive to our needs. Even though we are a relatively small client, I know I can contact Bill, the President, at any time to get our concerns addressed immediately. In an age of faceless corporations and apathetic customer service, working with Momentum Communication Systems and receiving personal attention is a very welcome change of pace.

National Restaurant Chain

Momentum communication Systems provides great service and has been a part of our team since 2002 (14 years of service). My company is a well known brand name restaurant franchise that heavily relies on the phone communications for orders. Momentum supports all our needs for our 300+ restaurants, regional and corporate office levels for communications as well as alarm monitoring. Momentum ventured off into the alarm monitoring to help my company manage the state requirements in the various states that we are located. We had an alarm debacle on our hands for all of our restaurants, and Momentum got it resolved in no time flat.

Matt Jelnicky, CPA, CFP

We purchased our phone system about 5 years ago from Momentum Commuication Systems and it is fantastic. We’ve added to it, made changes and Momentum Commuication Systems has been there every step of the way. Any issues, Momentum was there and we are located in another state! Have recommended them to clients who have also used them.

Dianne Snyder, ADF Companies Fairfield, New Jersey

Momentum always provides around the clock support… including weekends and holidays. They communicate with our phone line providers to get the issues resolved and work with the lec/contractors/other vendors for new installations/repairs along with whatever else is needed. They always offer help even in areas that they don’t normally do, such as music provider equipment installation. Their team is smart, professional and cares about what they do. They care that our stores are working properly. They always have a tech ready to go for us and we are never ever let down. I can just go on and on about how great they are, but what should speak for itself is that we are a well known brand name restaurant franchise and have been with Momentum for 12 years… and counting.