Momentum Communication Systems


Alarm monitoring from Momentum Communication Systems

Business and Residential alarm monitoring as low as $19 per month.
Our Central Monitoring Station provides services to monitor Burglar for Business and Residential alarm systems. Our Central Monitoring Station also provides many other monitoring and supervisory services. Just tell us what you want us to monitor for you.

Our Central Monitoring Station use special telephone and mobile lines, radio channels, computers, software and trained staff to monitor your security systems and call the appropriate authorities in the event an alarm signal is received.

Our Central Monitoring Station is listed with Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

UL Standard 827 is the standard we adhered to in order to maintain our UL issued Central-Station listing. UL conducts annual audits of our Central Monitoring Station to ensure compliance.

Our “UL Listed” Central Monitoring Station offers a higher level of service and reliability because we are mandated to follow certain regulations. Our higher levels of service also include many ranges of services. This separates us from companies who are not UL Listed.

Our Central Station is “automated.” The computers and software we use are very special for processing and storing very large amounts of data and integration with the many different alarm protocols.

The incoming signals are processed by digital alarm receivers; We convert the incoming event packets to serial or TCP packets which are then analysed by the Central Station software. Event packets can be communicated over any transmission medium: PSTN, GSM, Radio, direct line, Ethernet, GPRS, etc.

You are in good hands with Momentum Commuication Systems.