Refurbished Partner Telephone Systems

The Avaya PARTNER® Advanced Communications System is the ideal solution for small organizations who are looking for basic calling functionality out of the box, with room for expansion and advanced calling solutions in the future.

Through the use of upgrade modules, the Avaya PARTNER® system offers investment protection that will ensure that your business telephone system remains relevant in the years to come.

Features of the Avaya PARTNER® Advanced Communications System business telephone system include:


  • Reliability
    • The PARTNER, now in its seventh generation, is a robust system offering “5 9’s” (99.999%) of system uptime.
    • 24 x 7 x 365 call coverage ensures that your business telephone system is always available to meet the needs of your customers.


  • Avaya Partner ACS System 5x9 with phones 2Improved Customer Service
    • Caller ID is a built-in system feature. By knowing your caller ahead of time, employees can personalize their response to improve business relationships.
    • Group Call Distribution – instantly transfer callers to the most appropriate person to service their needs.
      Music-on-Hold – Strengthen customer relationships by providing relevant messaging to callers who have been placed on hold.


  • Mobility
    • Cost effectively increase call coverage with the Avaya 3910 Wireless Telephone.
    • Utilize industry leading “hands free” telephone adapters.


  • Enhanced “Tip/Ring” Capability
    • Easily add industry-standard devices to the Avaya PARTNER® business telephone system.
    • Seamless integration with fax machines, credit card readers, and modems without expensive adapters or additional programming.


  • Unified Communications
    • Provide employees with a single inbox for their voicemail and email.
    • The Partner business telephone system can integrate with Microsoft Exchange to deliver voicemail messages to your Windows Mobile phone, iPhone, or Blackberry, improving customer responsiveness while you are out of the office.











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