Refurbished IP Office Systems

Avaya IP Office 1408 Phone 1

  • A phone designed for everyday users that don’t require many features
  • · Supports 8 administrable feature buttons
  • Each button includes dual LEDs (red, green) providing explicit status for the user
  • Includes several fixed feature keys for common telephone tasks including conference, transfer, drop, hold, mute
  • Includes high-quality speakerphone
  • Supports a broad portfolio of wired and wireless headsets through its integrated headset jack
  • Large capacity contacts and call log applications that can enhance productivity and personalization
  • Context sensitive user interface along with three soft-keys and a four-way navigation cluster- ideal for scrolling through the local contacts list or call logs
  • The three-line by 24 character display is white backlit for easier viewing in all lighting conditions



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